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Technology Design Services
Cut time to market
Time (to market) is money
Whether you're manufacturing microchips or megasystems, being late to market can cost you a lot. And as time-to-market delays increase, profit margins decrease dramatically.
The impact of being late to market
The graph below shows lost revenue due to delays in getting chips to market for three different types of markets: fast, medium, and slow moving. In a fast moving market, being just three months late can cost over a quarter of a product's potential revenue.
Applying our proven methods and processes can help your market timing stay on track no matter what your product.
Reduce costs
Cost reduction - Doing more with less
You need to find ways to reduce operating costs and improve return on resources without impeding your company's operation. By working with you to optimize product design and manufacture, we can typically find ways to reduce costs between 15 and 50 percent.
The hypothetical example above shows how, during a product's three-year life cycle, profit can be increased 77 percent over the business-as-usual (BAU) profit by making early cuts in production costs and thus improving operating margins. We've found that our clients, by collaborating with us, can find new ways to do more with less. By applying the novel ways of maximizing return on resources that we've pioneered, you can make sure that your business runs optimally.
Integrate Technology
Technology Integration - Delivering Differentiation
Being the leader in your market means giving your products the innovative, cutting-edge functionality that only state-of-the-art technology can provide. But the time and money it takes to develop that technology in house especially complex technologies like system-on-a-chip can keep you from responding rapidly and cost-effectively.
Because integrating advanced technology is at the core of our business, we stay far ahead on the learning curve. That means we are able to get our chips right more often than is standard for others in the industry, as shown above for feature sizes ranging from 350 to 90 nanometers. With systems and subassemblies too, we can help you find lots of ways to deliver leading technology in your products, on time and at cost.
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