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   At Mindedge Solutions Inc, we take pride in creating intelligent solutions across several verticals through our innovative product engineering practice. We help you realize your products, even while reducing the concept-to-reality time for your Go-to-market strategy. Accelerating IoT solutions for Product companies, today, by providing flexible, agile and cost effective models to meet the increasing needs to track, monitor, and feed data of billions of interconnected devices.

Mindedge Solutions offerings which include:

1. Intelligent automation / DevOps for IoT services
2. CloudOps services
3. Device Lifecycle Management Solutions
4. IoT IPs & Frameworks

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           With the exponential growth of connected devices, the challenges of handling huge volumes of data and complexity also arise alongside. Connected devices bring with them a large ecosystem of continuous software deployment need, across multiple application delivery endpoints such as diverse devices, web, mobile etc. This brings an opportunity to unify the development and operations efforts, giving rise to DevOps culture within the IoT and Product Engineering space, encompassing its people, processes, and tools as a single unit for more coherent and efficient working.

           Mindedge Solutions  DevOps services and accelerators enable intelligent automation and empower Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT companies with continuous integration, build, testing, and deployment capabilities. It empowers companies in Home & Industrial Automation, Security & Surveillance, Networking, Telematics, and Connected healthcare industries to accelerate their solution and product development cycle, improve code quality, enable operational scalability, and deliver higher cost savings through reduced outages and release efforts. It will help product & solution companies to vastly reduce deployment time from months to days, and accelerate their prototype to product cycle.